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A Comprehensive Strategy to Deal with Google’s Penguin 4.0 Algorithm Changes


In this fast-paced world with ever-changing nature, we have to be quick in our actions and reactions.

A small change to an algorithm can end everything we’ve done to make our website and force us to re-adapt to the changes as quickly as possible. These changes happen almost 500-600 times in a year, some of them may be small and some may be big. This is why this field is so dynamic. Sometimes the damage done by the change in Google algorithms can be so devastating that a website probably will have to suffer and struggle for a long time in order to recover from the damage caused by it.

Explained below are two of the biggest algorithm updates from Google and we have laid out a strategy to deal with the damage.You can use a similar strategy to deal with current and future algorithm changes.

  1. RankBrain, 2015

What the Algorithm means:

Google used a machine learning technology called RankBrain to help provide its search results. For a long time, the algorithm had used sorts of artificial intelligence, significance that the algorithm learns things from trends, users, queries and other sources of input.

Though RankBrain itself is a learning method, but the stuffs it learns are then fed back into the search algorithm, which makes it more instinctive and smart, so to speak.

What the Algorithm did:

Though the damage it has done is low, the only possible damage has been called “Zombie traffic”. The biggest impact of the algorithm change is an upside for users. Users who input vague or more usual human language queries can expect to get more relevant results.

How to repair the damage:

You perhaps haven’t experienced any major damage from RankBrain. However, you should take steps to ensure that your website ranks well in RankBrain. You accomplish this by:

  • Making the best user experience possible.
  • Answering users’ questions by posting relevant contents.
  • Not stressing over keywords. Channel that energy toward writing great content!
  1. Panda 4.2, July 17, 2015

What the Algorithm means

Panda updates are old news. Some of the consequences of panda 4.1 were still being felt as lately as October 2015, two months after it was applied. To be precise, Panda updates are actually a “refresh”. The algorithm doesn’t alter as much as it processes new information, learns from it, and makes modifications.

In core, the Panda algorithm is a quality factor. It is designed to lower the rank of sites with low quality or thin content, and improve the ranking of sites that have robust, firm, long form content.

What the Algorithm did

Panda 4.1`affected around 3% of quires.

Sites that were not hit by previous Panda updates were downgraded. There is a flip side to this, nonetheless. If your site was penalized by an earlier Panda, and then you made progress, chances are your site probably got upgraded.

How to repair the damage

If you’re still struggling with the Panda penalty box, follow the below mentioned improvements.

  • Make your content lengthy. Short-form content doesn’t rank well.
  • Create a strong page title that equals the content on the page.
  • Improve mistakes and grammar
  • Answer their questions with your content.
  • Reduce the number of ads on the page.
  • Check to make sure all links are working properly.

Improve your top landing pages that get the most traffic.

In conclusion, Algorithm updates can be devastating if you are not practicing the right ways of SEO. However, they can also be profitable. If the algorithms have a worse effect on your site, you can recover it by taking help of a trusted SEO agency.

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