7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Every Business Must Avoid in 2015


All digital marketing strategies involve integral component i.e. social media marketing

Do you know more than 70% of adults are using social media sites? Apparently, your online presence cannot be avoided through these channels, when so many people are using so many social media platforms.

Businesses who want to create their online presence through social media have to be extra careful before taking the first step. Social media can be a great tool to optimize your online presence or it can be a nightmare to ruin your online presence.

Here are a list mistakes that should be avoided in order to ensure your campaign success.

Paid fans and followers:

If we look for short term, then paid fans and followers could be a good idea, but in the long run it will only harm your online image in front of the organic crowd. Social media sites have a special feature of algorithms that track and analyze user engagement and interaction which explains how many people are engaged in your social media networks. It is suggested that instead of wasting money in fans and followers businesses must plan strategically to generate organic crowd towards their brand.

Creating too many platforms too soon:

According to one of the recent researches most businesses focus on three major social sites Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter for their promotion and engaging with audience. However, many people forget to understand the requirement of their business. For instance, if you are targeting women to sale your products then you must target Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. On the contrary, if you want to offer services or products at professional level then you must consider Linkedin as a must social media tool for your marketing.

Failing to use hash tags:

Create your own hash tags and harness the power out of it. Avoiding hash tags can lead to loose huge customers and moreover, if you will use trending hash tags into your post that will surely help you in engaging more customers onto your website.

Including full URL in the description:

Whenever you put any link into the status field it generally generates an image with website description, instead of putting that we should use eye catching visuals to draw attention of the customers. In addition, one should also avoid using lengthy URL as that can give a messy look to your post and people’s attention can turn off.

Sharing too much at once:

Many businesses follow this practice of sharing too much of updates at a time, which can lead to loss of interest of the customers. As a human we have tendency to get attention of one thing at a time and giving too much of the information can over load the person who is keeping an eye on your updates. Eventually, they will lose interest. If we look at Facebook insights we can understand which pattern we should follow to attract more customers.

Ignoring comments and feedbacks:

Just imagine if you are commenting on your friends picture and he or she is not responding to that. How will you feel? Same goes for social media marketing if a customer is posting any comment or feedback on your page you must respond to it. That will create a positive impression of your business in front of your valuable customers. If you will neglect responding to their views you will lag behind in the race of a customer’s satisfaction.

Not measuring your results:

Analyzing your social marketing efforts is also necessary. You have to strategize each and every thing. Even a single post can increase the engagement into your Facebook page. Are you able to reach more and more people? How many more people are engaged into your page from last month? Are you getting desired ROI? Unfortunately, businesses have participated in the race without understanding the social media rules in advance.

In the end, businesses should get out of fairy tales and check the reality. The idea of getting thousands shares and the likes is indeed exciting, but without understanding the tactics it can ruin all social media platforms. So know your customers closely by spending considerable amount of time on the above tips, if you don’t have time or knowledge its better outsource social media marketing to an expert agency who will take care of all this on your behalf.

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