5 Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Posts on Social Media


As a social media marketing tool, blogs and posts play a vital role in enticing audience and garnering their attention. Creating attractive content is the first step to promote your blog and brand as a whole. The next step is drawing attention of the population to your blogs in the busy world of social media.

The act of increasing traffic on your posts ultimately involves creating content your viewers want to share, and then enticing them to share it.

Some of the ways to increase traffic through social media marketing:

  1. Craft a powerful headline
    Writing good content is obviously important but what is more important is to create a catchy headline that’s because eight out of ten people read just the headline, while only two bother to read the rest. Therefore you must craft a headline so powerful that people are forced to share it which makes it easier for the other users to re-share the same.
  2. Include videos and images to stimulate social media marketing
    Add visually appealing content in your posts to raise your social share count. People are more likely to share the content that comprises pictures or videos which can engage the audience quickly and more effectively.
  3. Choose carefully your images and videos
    Your images or videos should be relevant to your content and should be compelling enough to gather people’s interest. Use high quality Images and videos that are within your rights to use.
  4. Optimize your posts for mobile devices
    Majority of audience use mobile phones to open social networking sites. If your blog site is optimized for mobile devices, it will make the sharing incredibly easier. People tend to share things only if the process of sharing it is easy.
  5. Appeal to your audience with interesting colors
    The idea of using colors such as yellow or red invokes people to respond subconsciously to colors. It is a bright way off capturing audience’s attention.


Experiment with above mentioned ways to resonate the most of your audience. Also, remember to keep evolving your content from time to time to get more exposure, shares and likes. This will ultimately add on to your social media marketing strategy.

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