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5 Types of Content That Are Transforming the Digital Marketing Trend


As we all know, content is everything in the world of digital marketing. However the way people used to create content has transformed over the time. Today, content is no more a 500 word blog post with some photos and a call to action.  In order to reach a large number audience and to become viral, you need to stand out in the crowd.

In order to be unique, you have to think out of the box and do something exceptional and unusual.

So, let’s go through some content trends that have been changing the digital marketing game.

  1. Infographics

Any company that wants to live up to the trends in the digital marketing era has released some infographics. Infographics are more catchy, attractive, shareable and entertaining than a usual blog post. However as more and more companies are releasing infographics now, the competition has become quite tough.

  1. Gifographics

This is another great of displaying content in a more interactive manner. Gifographics are a mix between an interactive and a static infographic. This type of content stands out amongst the static graphics and is more likely to be shared around the internet. It would reach a large audience and would be extremely good for your business.

  1. Live Streams

With the growing technology, it is so easy to live streams. And these live streams will certainly help you set the bar above your competitors as these are real-time, spontaneous, give content urgency and allow viewers to get involved and share it at the tap of a single button.

  1. Podcasts

Today’s technology is perfect for podcasting and it is also cost effective. With a variety of recording and playing options, podcasts are easy to create. Moreover, today’s users find long contents, infographics and other such content very difficult to digest. On the other hand, podcasts are a great way to deliver the message and easy for users to listen and share through their mobile devices which makes it very accessible to them.

  1. Involving the fans

A two-way communication between the customers and the brand is very significant. It gives the customers a chance to personally interact with the content they like. Every business should make sure to produce interactive content and engage their target audience.

To sum it up, it’s time to get going with today’s trends and competition. This does not always mean that you have to spend a bomb for staying on par with the competition. Instead you just need to be a little smarter to think outside the box and engage your audience so much that they are willing to share and like your content. To enhance your content further you can hire the best digital marketing services in India.

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