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5 Super Easy Ways to Instantly Improve Your SEO


Today, most of the people focus larger proportion of their time on incorporating keywords and not much else. However if you have been excessively working on keywords and still not getting reach and traffic on your website, it calls for enhancing or considering other factors that affect search engine rankings.

Fetching traffic and users to the website is not an easy task; it requires a lot of efforts and enhancement. Remember , only getting users to click to your website should not be your aim, your aim should be to make your website so engaging and worth visiting that the users stay engaged with your website for a longer span of time, thereby increasing your search engine ranking position and drawing more traffic to your website.

Five great elements that not only improve your website usability, but also increase your search engine ranking:

  1. Useful and Relevant Content: You should dwell more time in presenting a content that is both useful and relevant for the users. So that when a user visits your website, he/she spends more time in consuming the information your content offers.
    Another reason to write useful content is, when people like a particular content they generally book mark it which increases or boosts your Google ranking. According to some researches, a content of 2000-2500 words seems to be highest in the search engine results.
  2. Speed of page load: Your page ranking also depends on the time it takes to load. Now a day who has the time to wait? Every user is in a hurry to search and get quick results. So if your page takes a while to be loaded, the user might leave the page and simply move on to the next one.
    So you should make sure to optimize every image so that your page gets loaded quickly without wasting even seconds. The more quickly your page opens the more the users will spend time on it.
  3. Optimization of Images: Besides formatting and sizing the image, there are some other ways too that can improve your SEO.
    Use keywords for the image file name, title, description and caption to make sure great search engine results.
  4. Header Tags: Headers are the most important element of content. No user would like to run into a wall of content.
    Use headers to improve user experience. The better your content looks the more users will spend time reading it.
  5. Outbound links: You can link out your useful content to well-respected authority sites to drive more traffic and make your content more visible.

Use the above mentioned tips to improve both your website usability and search engine ranking.

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