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5 Great Tips to Write Catchy Blog Post Headlines


Your headline for a blog post is of utmost importance. You should take enough time to write a catchy title which can immediately grab the attention of your viewers into the main story. Make sure to keep it precise and informative. Your title should be powerful enough to grab audience’s attention and relate to their issues, so that they may want to read it. It is because your headline will garner your reader’s consideration and force them to click on the blog and read the whole matter inside it. Here are some quick ways to write a catchy blog post title. Take a look.

Readers usually tend to read the headline first, and if the headline sounds boring to them, they may not read your blog post any further.

So, first you need to craft a juicy title before writing the whole blog post. It is the title that represents your blog. The readers will first take a glance towards your title and if they find it interesting and could relate to it only then would they read on.

Now the question is how you can make your title more attractive that will leave the readers craving to find what’s inside it.

Here are some top tips to write catchy blog post titles:

  1. Make use of numbers

Using numbers in the blog post headlines makes it interesting and more appealing. Moreover it makes the title precise.

For example:

  • 5 tips to write an attractive title
  • 7 ways to embellish your living room
  • 30 signs that show you were born to travel
  1. Induce Curiosity

There should be a sense of curiosity in the title you write. Readers should feel curious to read it.

For example:

  • 7 unknown facts about the great Himalayas.
  • 5 top secrets about creating marketing strategy
  • 5 unusual places you won’t believe existed in India
  1. Keep it short but focused

Your title should be precise and should be able to illustrate what the blog is all about. When writing a title, make sure to keep it should but informative and compelling.

For example:

  • “Five sure ways to get pregnant easily” this title is much better than “how to get pregnant?”
  1. Use “here is a quick way”

People generally love to read quick ways that can solve their problems.

For example:

  • Here is a quick way to write concisely
  • Here is a quick and easy way to back up a blog
  1. Use “the secret of”

This might seem to be a common method but it does work. Sharing secret for the benefit of the readers always works.

For example:

  • The secret of successful digital marketing
  • The secret of protecting your image rights

In a nutshell, use every possible method to make your headline catchy and interesting for your readers. Write a title aiming to draw the attention of your readers. Interested to read more about blog post please visit Wikipedia

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