4 SEO Metrics You Can’t Afford To Ignore


Execution of an SEO strategy is undeniably very challenging, especially when you put in a lot of resources for your SEO efforts. One basic thing to know about SEO is that it is a long term process; you won’t be able to reap immediate results. However there are a few ways to track whether your SEO strategy is working in the right direction or not.

Below mentioned are four SEO metrics that you should certainly keep an eye on to ensure that your SEO strategy is working well

  1. Keyword Rankings For SEO Metrics
    Tracking your keyword ranking is a great and easy way to check your search engine optimization strategy. If the ranking of your keywords doesn’t increase over the time, that means there is something wrong with your strategy. Perhaps, you were using wrong keywords or weren’t paying attention to getting backlinks. The process of checking keyword ranking is relatively easy and you can do that by using simple tools.
  2. Backlink Authority
    Without a doubt, backlinks persistently have a huge impact on your search engine ranking. The quality of a website can be easily judged through its backlinks. If one of the highest ranking websites links to your page, then according to Google your page has something worthwhile. So tracking the backlinks is another effective way to determine the worth of your SEO strategy.
  3. Organic Search Traffic
    When your page is relevant to the users and offer them a solution, then automatically your website will earn organic traffic. And keeping a track of the organic traffic on the website is crucial to find out if your SEO approach is moving is the right direction. You simply need to check the audience overview section of Google analytics.
  4. Pages Per Visitor
    It’s vital to know that how many visitors visited your page, but more important is to know how much time they spent reading the content on your page. You can use Google analytics in order to identify the average amount of time each visitor spends on your website.

These were certain metrics that need to be tracked in order to identify the progress of your SEO approach. You can make changes and alterations in your SEO strategy accordingly. Though the task of SEO implementation is daunting, but of great importance and prominence.

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