3 Adwords Rules for Google Advertising Company to Maximise ROI


Adwords is easy to start but difficult to master. Setting it up is relatively simple while in-depth features. Especially for the e-commerce sites, can be misunderstood or overlooked. There can be several ways to improve the ROI of your Adwords investment.

Generally professional and experienced Google advertising company follows these 3 rules:

1. Search network with display select

When you start a new campaign, Google asks you to choose the campaign type. The following options are presented to you.

  • Search Network only
  • Display Network only
  • Search Network with Display Select
  • Shopping

Hoping this not to be a shopping campaign, we generally choose either search or display. Google however keeps on suggesting that you should choose the 3rd option, Search Network with Display Select, as it gives the best opportunity to reach out to more people. However, search and display campaigns are helpful in different scenarios. If it is branding you are after, go for display. If you are looking for conversion, go for search network.

2. Foreign and non-appealing ads

Your campaign should be totally localised for your target customers. English ads in Russia will not be as effective nor you should display the ads worldwide if you don’t ship to all around the globe.
Set up the campaign to run only where your target customers live. Moreover, the ads should run in their local languages and not in yours. Preferably, keep the landing page in their language as well. If you think you are missing out potential customers from another place, why not set up a test campaign with geographical keywords to target those outsiders?

3. Let Google Decide What’s Best

You know your market more than Google do, have this self-confidence. Be your own judge on how much to spend on advertisements. If you go for accelerated display then the ads will be shown as much as possible while standard delivery means your ads will be shown throughout the day. You might miss important opportunities in standard delivery so set up a decent budget with accelerated delivery option.

While this blog doesn’t cover how we maximise the opportunities for a shopping campaign, it can be a handy guide for Google advertising company if their main target is either branding or direct conversion. Interested to know more about Google AdWords please visit Wikipedia

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