20 Mistakes Which Can Remove Your App from Play Store


Google Play Store is different from Apple store in the sense that you don’t need an approval to post your apps there. However, Google actively monitors the store and notify the developers of any policy violation. In some cases, if the violation is extreme, they might suspend and remove the app from the store.

We have created a list of 20 common mistakes which lead to this disaster often.

  1. Do not use user review as your app description.
  2. Do not name other apps in your app description or while replying user reviews, unless it is unavoidable.
  3. Do not ask the users to change ratings either by answering their reviews or by emailing them.
  4. Do not link your app in the user review of another competitor’s app.
  5. Do not offer the users any incentive for rating the apps high.
  6. Keep your app description as accurate as possible. Stop stuffing keywords or using unrelated keywords in app description.
  7. Do not add any web view of someone else’s property inside your app without a prior and explicit permission.
  8. Do not send automated email or SMS to the user without telling him what to expect.
  9. No adult, sexually explicit or erotic content please. Rate the app properly on maturity meter, low, medium or high depending on what you serve.
  10. Do not serve ads in the guise of notifications.
  11. Do not automate a bookmarking in the mobile browser or use your app as the shortcut to another app.
  12. Every ad screen must have a close button.
  13. Inform the users that the app is ad-supported in the EULA of your app.
  14. Do not promote the app using misleading ads.
  15. For any virtual purchase, only use the Google Play in-app billing system. 3Rd party payment system is allowed only for physical goods or services which aren’t through the mobile phones.
  16. AAI or Android Advertising Identifier is only to be used for advertising and data analytics. Do not create user profile or identity using AAI.
  17. In your app or description, do not use any copyrighted material if you haven’t obtained explicit permission from the copyright holders.
  18. No premium SMS from the app, only the regular ones are supported.
  19. Do not use system stock icons or copy from another user interface icon set as your app’s icon.
  20. Don’t let your notifications cover notifications from another app.

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