10 SEO Rules That You Will Have To Adapt To In 2016

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The rules that governed SEO for so long have changed tectonically. In this blog we have compiled 10 rules discussed by some industry experts so that you can benefit from their experience.

Top SEO companies in India are following these rules to help their clients climb SERPS.

Nowadays marketers are investing large chunk of their marketing budget in beefing up their contents. But seldom have they known, how exactly they will benefit from it. Now that content creators are having limited or no control on how their content will show up or for what keyword?

Here are the rules you should inculcate in your SEO strategy:

  1. Historically the emphasis was to stuff the content with multiple keywords, but after the updates the game changed and now keyword stuffing is out of the question. Presently, the only thing matters is the “Experience” one has in the field. Top SEO companies in India and abroad are going for experience that a user can derive from the searches.
  2. The most important factors for any SEO campaign this year will be mobile-friendliness, which will increase in impact by 85%; analysis of a page’s perceived value (up 80%); usage data such as stay time on the page (up 65%); and readability and page design (up 63%).
  3. SEO factors that will have less impact are, the usefulness of paid links (down 50%) and the effect of anchor text (down 45%).
  4. Earlier content created revolved round the keywords. But now, search engines are getting smarter. For example, if content is being created on interior design and if you are infusing words like sofa, lighting, wall color, flooring etc. then the search engine will certainly pick the article and give it authority.
  5. Marketers were only concerned on getting their keywords to the top searches. But search engine giant Google is only concerned to show the most impactful piece of information for the search made. So you should be more concerned to provide the exact information.
  6. Longer articles, between 1,000 to 1,500 words, perform better in searches. So, make sure that you start creating long content and that too addressing a concern, problem or a trend that will appeal to your audience.
  7. Back up what you propagate through SEO on your website too. Bounce rates will rise and you will have no way other than providing useful content on your website.
  8. Using custom image will ensure better visibility. Say you are creating a blog for yourself, if you are using the same images that are present on the search engines then you are just burdening it with the same old things. Be a little more creative, use unique images to get noticed.
  9. If you refer other contents to create your own, take an image from another article or website, and give them full credit and add an acknowledgement. As a result you are using someone else’s voice and making it your own.
  10. Break down large paragraphs give them subheadings or bullet points to make it more readable.

The whole point of discussion is that we want to achieve a high rank on the search engines so that people we are targeting get the most authentic information they are searching for and have a great experience. The whole point gets defeated if you are misleading them or your website is not providing that information. Top SEO companies in India can give you a better insight on this issue. Feel free to contact any of these companies and ask relevant questions.

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