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10 Apps That Will Help Accentuate Your Digital Marketing Campaign


It is amazing how simple apps can help us a great deal in our digital marketing campaigns. These quintessential apps are guaranteed to make you more productive and manage your campaign in a systematic and organized way.

  1. Any. Do

Number one on the list is any. Do which is an erudite task manager; it is one of the best to-do list apps available. You can manage tasks with time, date and geo-locations. It has numerous features like auto correct, shows tasks by category and many more to keep you in check.

  1. Carrot

Carrot is another interesting to-do list app with exciting features. It is a bossy task manager app which rewards you when you complete a task. Carrot is a fun, rewards with virtual gifts and is easy to use.

  1. Toggl

Toggle is a great time management app which helps you track time spent on different projects. It gives valuable insight on your time management skills. It is a simple to use and comes for mobile as well as desktops.

  1. Now Then

Now Then is an iOS time-tracking app which observes how you spend your time. It is fast, easy to understand and the best thing is you can export data out of it.

  1. Concentrate

Ever heard of an app that helps you concentrate? NO! Then you would love this app. Concentrate is a mac app that helps you work more prolifically.  It blocks or opens set websites so that your stay concentrated and refrain yourself from wasting time.

  1. Lift. Do

Lift. Do is a stylish app that helps you to track your goals. What’s great is that it has community goals listed too so that you can learn from the experts. In, addition you can monitor and evaluate your goal data.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a file sharing tool that has gained prominence over the years. It enables you to share files with your friends and family with ease.

  1. Due

Due is a useful advanced reminder app for iOS devices. It has a simple interface which syncs through iCloud and Dropbox.

  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a comprehensive social media dashboard for observing and scheduling social media posts. It comes in handy when you are handling a lot of social media accounts all by yourself you can schedule posts so you don’t have to worry about them.

  1. Hootsuite

Last but not the least is Kickoff, it is an iOS app for chatting with team members and discussing tasks in real time. You can set deadlines so that you don’t have to listen to your bosses scolding.

These are the best ten apps, which can really boost up your digital marketing campaigns and reap benefits. To know more about social media platforms that can be used along with these apps to boost up your campaign, you can read the following blog: The Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Websites as of Now

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