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Adbot™ has the technology and brain to make your brand #1. 5 creative years as established digital marketing agency in India. We create digital marketing campaigns with quick viewer attention and prolonged market imprints.

  • Super duper brand promotion
  • #1 Google Position for Ads & SEO
  • higher social media engagement
  • interactive brand marketing apps
  • Powerful Call to action Ads & Retargeting

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5 successful years of creativity and innovation in driving your brand and website with right solution to enjoy thriving popularity and business online.

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We drive and hold your brand at top of major search engines. Ask for live performance of our ongoing ad campaigns and keywords placement on Google top 10; enough to satisfy you how we are discovering success for our clients.

Invent Branding

Devise new branding strategies for your product and invent a new way of branding stronghold. Promoting your brand with all the interactive marketing and branding techniques to create an everlasting impression in the minds of your customers, inturn enhancing your payment trust to boost up your sales.

  • Super duper brand promotion
  • Create Payment trust to ease online transaction
  • Engaging product reviews & social media presence for maximum conversions

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Contact us for Digital Marketing services and solution with infusion of Business Intelligence. B.I. defines our capability to understand your business first to commence and formulate best digital marketing strategies that will announce you on the world stage.

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Social media optimization services

Social Media Marketing

We simply talk about CONVERSATIONS. Maintaining a Young, Energatic & Responsive human face of your company and brand on social media. Creating the right buzz of your brand online to be shared and acknowledged accross all social media marketing channels. We turn your Facebook business page into a media power house by integrating all the required apps and enable two way communication with your clients.

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Online advertising services

Online Advertising

We simply talk about CONVERSIONS. All we do is simplify the complicated process of online advertising to performance basis. We are already running ads on top 3 slots for several industries including keywords with heavy competition like diamond jewelry, traffic lawyers. Ask for our live Google AdWords results and start saving almost 33% of your ad budget while advertising with Adbot™.

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Interactive marketing services

E-commerce Marketing

We simply talk about SALES. There are many interactive ways to sell a product. E-commerce interactive marketing and branding is our forte and we are excelling on this front. We have shown and created several unique and interactive e-commerce marketing strategy for our existing clients, whether its hard nut e-commerce SEO, driving product ads, Facebook marketing, promotional mailers or generating payment trust.

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SEO services

SEO Services

Experience Google top search ranking driving massive traffic on highly competitive keywords. We compete for #1 Google spot and our SEO strategy meant to achieve it in quickest time span.

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Mobile advertising services

Mobile Advertising

Serving your ads to your customers' finger tips while tapping the best ad inventory on mobile networks. Retargeting your customers to achieve higher conversion rates and save budget.

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Email marketing services

Email Marketing

5,00,000 active email database of frequent e-commerce buyers in India. Providing the needed boost for your e-commerce site at initial and running phase accompanied by 70,000 sms database.

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mobile apps services

Apps Development

Specialized team serving all your development needs be it mobile apps, custom cmc or scripts, e-commerce site development, magento or wordpress customization or ad banners.

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Client FBar Mumbai

FBar Mumbai 2015 Campaign

Need was to reinvent the branding of Mumbai's top Disco-Bar, initiate the Christmas and New Year social media campaign and Facebook ads outlining the celebrities and VIP crowd visiting the club.

Client ABP

ABP Newspaper Campaign

Challenge was to source audience & conversion for ABP newspaper 6 months subscription online. 3x ROI grossed in 3 months.

Client ecommerce

The Africa Park Show 2014

Digital marketing partner of The Africa Park Show 2014, handling the entire online marketing and promotion in South Africa grossing models' participation and event's 3 days ticket selling.

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Featured Digital Marketing Agency

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Pay a Penny Program* for Startups-Entrepreneurs!

Christmas On: Dec 2014 - Jan 2015

Pay the base or the lowest service costing for the first 3 months. Start paying the full amount once you start getting results, conversions and ROI. Upto 60% overall marketing budget saving in starting phase.

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Conversions, Leads, Sales... We are Delivering What Our Clients Expect!

Hire few of the greatest marketing minds behind successful digital campaigns!

Discover Adbot™

Adbot™ has the technology and brain to make your brand number one. Leading our clients to online success with 5 Years of creativity, innovations and experiments in digital marketing services. If it’s social media marketing we are publicizing your brand high on engagement, if its SEO services we are making your brand number one for exact searches only, and if its online advertising we are penetrating your target audience deeper awarding better conversion rates. Experience the toast of creative social media campaigns, high traffic keywords ranking and budget-centric online advertising.

We are an awarded digital marketing agency in India possessing few of the best digital marketing and advertising brains. We create performing ads by utmost strategy math for your brand, ad servers, and audience and re-target the hottest leads for your business again and again. Creativity is our stronghold, that you can gauge in our digital marketing and social media campaigns having quick viewer attention and prolonged market imprints.

Adbot™ core value as an organization is performance based marketing making our client's online business endeavor a success story and the results are enough to convince and pop-up our name as rewarding referrals and strong establishment as your preferred digital marketing agency.


Digital Marketing Agency

Our healthy and diverse client culture will convince you with the diversity of digital marketing projects we handle. We are serving many of the top bliss corporate operating in service industry, travel, ecommerce, ticketing, sports, fashion, entertainment, finance, information technology, healthcare, medical, publishing and immigration. We listen to your requirements and goals and customize our services to provide you with the best and desired business result that is maximum ROI.

We preferably serve start-ups, entrepreneurs and smaller companies helping them to hunt down their big dream and touch new business heights. This practice well satisfies our hunger to take new challenges and learn and strategize new business and service verticals. Every website project is addressed by required web professionals with similar integrity to focus on the client’s specific digital marketing needs. This also enables us to handle big budget websites as well as low budget websites with higher performance level. Whether your business is small or big, you will be addressed with the likewise service accountability.


Digital Marketing Services

Adbot™ is the leader in managing large scale digital ads and online marketing campaigns. Our product inventory includes full featured ad serving, behavioral targeting, ad network optimization, rich media ad formats and ad delivery & placement technology.

We are excelling in exploitation of complete digital marketing channels for optimal advertising, branding and marketing of your brand. We have an edge in strategizing online marketing campaigns by employing the right online marketing tools. Our digital marketing ambit encompasses online advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, mobile marketing, online PR, commercial ads and local classifieds. We empower your brand to get maximum online exposure and magnetize your targeted customers to visit your website and buy products.

We are the foremost digital marketing agency in handling large scale Facebook ads, Google ads, display ads and social media campaigns. We provide dedicated account managers for large scale advertisers to run and manage their ad campaigns. Our service verticals include social media marketing, SEO services, online advertising, mobile advertising, email marketing, illustration, animation, software and android application. We boost your brand presence online with effective advertising, engaging branding, and robust digital marketing.


What Clients Say


Complete hand in developing ecommerce website, speed optimization followed by entire digital marketing solution.


I recommend Adbot™ for complete ecommerce and online traffic solution.


It was a tough task to sell precious diamond jewelry online. But this agency has promoted us to right folks, sourcing converting traffic.

Mr. Ajay Narayan/Owner-Orogems

I recommend their SEO, email marketing and Social media program.